Thursday, October 24, 2013

10/15/13 4:45PM

I had an unbelievable experience here at Allen Family Dentistry.  I spend 4 hours in one day getting several procedures done.  Everyone here made my experience as pleasant as possible.  I'm so glad I chose to come here and I will definitely remain a patient here for as long as I remain in Charleston!

~Drew Z.

10/15/13 12:52PM

* Very friendly, clean environment.

* Professional and personable staff.

* Great Magazines and Doggy!

* Preventative Dentistry is taught upfront.


10/3/13 10:58AM

Awesome Experience!!!

Everyone here is so nice and puts me so much at ease.

Love Y'all,

Judy W.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

6/4/13 8:36AM

I was very amazed and pleased to see the results of a tooth that I had to have bonded.  I came in thinking I would be here for at least an hour.  It turns out that my tooth can go from damaged to brand new in about 20 minutes.  Dr. Chelsea can fix anything!  It's amazing to see the results and I am very, very pleased to have had this done.  Thank you Allen Family Densitry, my trust is in you :)


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

4/25/13 3:24PM

I am so grateful for having discovered Drs. Cory and Chelsea and the wonderful staff at Allen Family Dentistry!  Sheila always takes the time to ask the right questions when scheduling my appointments.   Recently, after scheduling an appointment to get a “cap”, I mentioned that the tooth was becoming painful, and unbeknownst to me, Sheila talked to the doctor and called me back to say they wanted me to come in sooner.  Thanks to their quick actions, I underwent a root canal which saved my tooth.  Since then, I have gotten my permanent “cap” which looks and feels just like my old tooth!!  During the procedure, Dr. Chelsea mentioned she was a “perfectionist” and it made me smile (as best I could with my mouth wide open!)  I knew I was in good hands!!    My gratitude to Sheila,  Sukoshi Victoria who greeted me at every appointment, Brittney for her expert hands in placing the temporary cap, and finally to Dr. Chelsea for being a perfectionist, telling me step by step what she was doing and “humming” to the music.  I appreciate you all!!!

~Elaine M.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

10/31/12 5:04PM

Dr. Allen was fantastic.  His office was clean and calming and his staff was friendly and knowledgeable.  Overall the experience was a good as a dental visit could be.

~Chris J.

10/11/12 11:07AM

Dr. Chelsea and her whole staff have been fantastic.  I had both a crown put on and a filling replaced by Dr. Chelsea lately and both teeth feel great.  The bite is perfect!  Dr. Chelsea puts in the extra time and effort to make sure everything feels perfect!

Thank you!

~Krista W.

10/16/12 12:52PM

I had a great visit.  Totally painless cleaning, lots of information and a friendly, furry greeter.


10/9/12 11:20AM

Thank you Dr. Cory and Dr. Chelsea for your wonderful caring dental services. 

We are so glad that we found you!


10/4/12 5:04PM

Thank you for the interactive experience.  I usually have no idea what is going on with my teeth.  Very friendly comfortable environment.


Sara M.

10/4/12 10:51AM

Stacy (hygienist) did an outstanding job.  The office staff is outstanding.  I highly recommend Allen Family Dentistry.


10/3/12 11:02AM

For a person who prefers not to see the dentist, Allen Family Dentistry has provided a very convenient and comfortable service for me each time.  My requests are always honored even to providing a blanket through the procedure to keep me warm.  Dr. Cory is excellent and precise at what he does.  He was able to fix a tooth of discomfort 5 other dentists have not.  Explanations, education and billing are all clear.