Tuesday, October 24, 2017

10/23/17 4:40PM

Traumatic dental experiences were a norm, beginning as a child strapped into a dental chair in a "Rural Dental Bus" in a poverty stricken farming community where teeth were "pulled" (vs. extraction) without any topical or surgical intervention/anesthesia or even a kind word. This fueled years of dental anxiety, dental phobia trials, hypnosis clinics and general anesthesia for dental procedures. How wonderful now to be treated with excellent dental care and by professional caring dental staff who have replaced horrific memories with pleasant experiences!!
~Suzan R.

10/12/17 4:33PM

I recently had my two front teeth redone with veneers because I had chipped them several times over the years and they were repaired but I was just not happy with the way they looked. I was terrified of the procedure which was two parts for several hours. Allen Family Dentistry made the experience easy and my teeth are perfect! I am so happy with their work and glad I finally did it!!

~Michele J.

10/12/17 3:45PM

All the staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. I feel like they explain things very well and truly care about the health of my teeth. Thank you!

~Diana B.

10/11/17 12:51PM

My mom is 90 years old and it is very hard for her to get around. At one of her visits she could not get out of her wheel chair. She was very impressed that the Dr. and staff could move her into their chair. Personal attention is not always here today. Thank you for treating her so special.

~Elizabeth M.

10/11/17 9:35AM

Allen Family Dentistry has such a wonderful staff! My daughter was scared and she made friends with another little girl in the waiting room. The awesome staff let the other girl sit in the chair with my daughter while cleaning her teeth and made her feel so much better about come to the dentist! The adorable dog in the office helps, too :)

~Millie L.

10/10/17 3:20PM

Dentistry is really not my bag! But coming here has changed my opinion. Crystal is my hygienist and she is super! She is gentle as well as thorough. I always love the feel and look of my teeth after she has cleaned them. I have seen both Dr. Allens and like them as well. In fact, I really like their puppy, Sukoshi, too!

~Mary. S

10/10/17 12:12PM

I always have a good time at Allen Family Dentistry. I just had 2 crowns done and I couldn't be happier. Allen Family Dentistry Rocks!!!
~Frank C.